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Welcome to, this site was created as a game help and guide for all players. I hope you find what you are looking for, and if not, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Why not come and join us on the forums.

*New* Player Search

A new addition to is a ' Player Search ' feature, a script written for by duudii.
The Player Search helps you to find friends/clan members that are currently playing Armagetron, or to find out when someone last played.

Armagetron LightCycle

Armagetronad The Game

Armagetronad is an "Open Source" game, available for Windows, Linux and Mac os, and is released under the "GNU" General Public License. Armagetron is currently available for *Free* download at

Armagetron, the original game has now been taken over by Armagetron Advanced which is an enhanced version of the original game, and offers many extra features. Manuel Moos, the main developer of the original Armagetron game has joined the Armagetron Advanced team.

Armagetron is advancing all the time, there are now different game play modes and changing maps.
One of these advancements is Fortress which is a new style of gameplay that can be highly addictive, for more details of fortress gameplay, please click here, this guide to the Fortess was written by צ Alex.

The Armagetron Community

Armagetron is a totally international game, with players from all over the world. Armagetron has a strong community with amazing people. Other than in game the main community can be seen at the Armagetron Forum
The forum is a good place to get information on latest releases and ideas people have for the game. There is also game help, links and you can become part of the community by adding your own comments, ideas and so on.

Armagetron is a free game but the running cost's of the forum, domain names, the servers, bandwith and connectivity are met by idividuals If you like the game please make a donation, no matter how small, all will be greatly appreciated.

No donation or monies will go to this website
All donations made go directly to the Armagetron Advanced team
To view more about donations, please Click Here

For your own security, please note before making any donation that when you click the donate button that it takes you to the official paypal website, and that it shows the following details Pay To:
Payment For: Armagetron Advanced Donations

There is an IRC channel dedicated to Armagetron where you can meet other players for real time chat
To join the Armagetron IRC channel you need to start your favorite IRC client (such as chatzilla, mirc, xchat)
When you have opened your client, type /connect, press enter, then once connected to the freenode server, type /join #armagetron then press enter
For more help on IRC please visit

There is also the Official Armagetron Web Site with details of the latest releases, news, game history and so much more. Armagetron also has its own wiki, this is a great source of information on the game.

Player Contribution

As players we all have something to offer, if you would like to contribute to this site, as in write an article, tutorial or just suggest something, i would be happy to hear from you, full credit would be given for anything that was published. Armagetron is a community, not just a game.